Win32::GUI Dropdown Lists

Booyah! – I figured out how 2 get dd-lists to both look right & work. Tried listbox, but only looks good if 2+ items visible. Instead, use “combobox”. Normally combobox allows abUser to type value not in list, which was undesirable in this case. Apparently combobox has 3 options: “drop combo”(default), “drop list”, and “simple combo”. “drop list” is the option to create a typical Tk-ddlist (uneditable dropdown). I haven’t tried “simple combo” yet. It is also be nececessary to make the height of the list (22x#items) in GUI::Loft properties high enough to accomodate the # of items 2b included, unless the VScroll property is also set (scrollbar). For more property docs, consult: /perl/site/lib/Win32/GUI/Loft/Control/ buildOptionsSpecial).

Man, I wish I could have done this in Tk, then I could have used my very own “JBrowseEntry” 😉 – Win32::GUI is cool and ::Loft( is way cool, but the docs SUCK – you must grok Perl code 2 figure out methods & options – grrrrrrrr 😦 Mr. Lindström, Puhleeeeze doc/list available methods & especially events!


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