More Courier setup problems

o Added maildir via maildirmake (note: must run as abUser, NOT root)!
o Added maildir to /etc/skel (for future aduser-s)
o Added localdomain name (ourdomain.local) to */etc/locals
o Copied usr/lib/courier/libexec/courier/webmail to cgi-bin (sym-link did ~work, (apache config)?
o Had to fire up */sbin/webmaild start 2 use webmail!
o Had to fire up */bin/esmtpd 2 get Evolution client 2 see mailserver:143.
Now get message from Evolution: “SMTP server “mailserver.ourdomain.local” does not support requested authentication type PLAIN”. However, authdaemon is running and should be using “PLAIN” authentication. esmtp config allows local IPs 2 relay/send.
o Changed sendmail symlink to */bin/sendmail.
o Tried sending msg. to ourself via sendmail, never received on server.
o Also had to shut down postfix and fetchmail in /etc/init.d!

Courier abUsers’ group:

The proper order for startup is (need 2 write a startup script – installation help has examples):

shut down postfix, fetchmail!!!!
*/libexec/authlib/authdaemon start
*/sbin/courier start
*/sbin/imapd start
*/sbin/webmaild start
*/sbin/esmtpd start

This is getting really anoying¡ It’s high time SOMETHING “just worked”!

If ANYONE out there reads this & knows how to set up an all-Courier email server, please comment this!

Also need 2 (re)find the logs, ie. find “maillog”?


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