Courier setup continued

/usr/lib/courier/bin/sendmail permissions were -r-x–x–x. Getting error:
sendmail: ERR: Permission denied
432 Service temporarily unavailable.
Trying setting permissions to something more sane: chmod 6555 sendmail, now same as cancelmsg, yielding: -r-sr-sr-x Seems to work w/o error, but still no msg!

Ran “*/bin/mailq, got list of all msgs we have tried to send, booyah, it at least KNOWS about ’em!
Tried *../sbin/courier flush, but still no delivery.
Fetched Courier-IMAP rpm for Mandrake-10 here:
Looks like we-re punting & goin with some Winblows package called “MailEnable” ( per recommendation from mesh consulting.


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