more Win32::GUI docs

Yes, you CAN set properties via method calls to Win32::GUI::Loft
objects, but make sure you have the right property name, ie. to grey
out or not grey out a text field, do:

[1||0] );  #Set or clear the “Enable” property.

Also, use “clusters” to set up tabStrips.  To set up cluster,
multi-select items, then [], then [Clusters.Memorize], then
[Clusters.Ren(ame)], type name to call cluster.  Use this name in
semicolon-sepd list in Cluster property of the tabStrip.  Should
be a cluster defined for each tab.  Define tabs by semicolon-sepd
list of names in the Tabs property of the tabStrip.  Make sure
when saving that the cluster for the 1st tab is Visible (Eye-icon
open), and subsequent tabs Invisible (Eye-icon closed).  D-click
eye-icon 2 toggle visibility.  It took me over an hour to figure
it out.


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