Paginating / Changing printer trays mid-document

Got this fancy, wis-bang laser printer @work (an HP 4250tn) that can print from multiple trays and staple the print job. Anyway, they want to print 1st page as a label from one tray, then print subsequent pages on plain paper from the other tray AND staple the batch together! My 1st thought is print labels and subsequent sheets as separate jobs – no big! Nope, we need ’em stapled, so must be single job! Anyway, googlel-google-google, till found this cool tool called “psset”. Anyway, after killing a few trees, found the command that works:

psset –setpagedevice=MediaPosition:0 –at=2 file | lpr -Php4250stapler

“:0” means tray 2, “:1″=tray 3, “:2″=envelope, “:3″=tray 1. Have the “default” tray set to “tray 3” and labels in it.
(The 1st page (label) goes to the “default” tray), then the switch is made (for remaining pages).
Also note the “at=2” to cause the tray-switch to occur AFTER page 1.

On printer, make sure Menu.Configure Devices.System Setup.Tray Behavior.Use Requested Tray=Exclusively
On Linux, use the PPD file from here:


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