Dell Latitude C800: Getting volume / “i” keys working in ACPI

I switched from APM to ACPI to get swsusp (suspend) to work. I had used i8k to make my volume and mute keys work in Linux (see my homepage:
under Linux on my DELL CPxH for details). Anyway, this does not seem to work under ACPI 😦 Here’s what does:

1: apt-get install hotkeys
2) Backup & edit /etc/hotkeys.conf as follows:

Uncomment and Change line 10 from “# Kbd=acerwl” to “Kbd=c800”.
Uncomment line 20 “Webbrowser=mozilla”

3) In /usr/share/hotkeys/ create the text file “c800.def” containing the following:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<config model=”Dell Latitude C800″>

<Shell keycode=”117″/>
<ScreenSaver keycode=”223″/>
<userdef keycode=”176″ command=”/usr/local/bin/setmixer +10″/>
<userdef keycode=”174″ command=”/usr/local/bin/setmixer -10″/>
<userdef keycode=”160″ command=”/usr/local/bin/setmixer -m –timeout 100 –repeat 0″/>
<userdef keycode=”168″ command=”/usr/bin/firefox”/>
<name>Andrew Fritz</name>
<email>a f r i t z AT uhDOTedu</email>

4) For the “i” key (I make it start Firefox): In your KDE Autostart, or in the last
/etc/init.d startup, do the command:

/usr/bin/setkeycodes e001 200

as root or sudo. This will cause the “i” key (2 inches right of the power button) to
send keycode “168” (visible with xev).

5) In your KDE Autostart or in your X startup or login scripts, do the following
command as yourself:


That should do it.

Notes: Keycode 168 is the “i” key. I have it start firefox (I assume it stands for “internet) You can edit c800.def to make it do whatever you like. Keycode 176 is <Fn-<Page Up>> (Increase volume). Keycode 174 is <Fn-<Page Down>> and 160 is <Fn-<End>> (Mute toggle).

ADENDUM: I recently upgraded a Latitude CPxH500 to latest Mepis and it did not require hotkeys – indeed hotkeys did not work. What did was: /usr/bin/i8kbuttons -m “/usr/local/bin/setmixer -m –timeout 100 –repeat 0” -u “/usr/local/bin/setmixer +10” -d “/usr/local/bin/setmixer -10” &



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