Adbloc config

Updated 2006/8/5:

Here’s my Adbloc config for Firefox / Bugzilla which, as AOL would say (as if I would use AOL – lol 🙂 ), gives me a (much) “better internet”:

user_pref(“adblock.enabled”, true);
user_pref(“adblock.fastcollapse”, false);
user_pref(“adblock.frameobjects”, true);
user_pref(“adblock.hide”, false);
user_pref(“adblock.linkcheck”, false);
user_pref(“adblock.pageblock”, false);
user_pref(“adblock.patterns”, “*/sponsors/* */ads/* */_ads/* */ad.* *doubleclick* *statefarmbanner* */ads.* */statefarm* */* */* */ad_* */* ** */adv/**_pop_f* *.adsdk.* */* */learningbutton_matt.* */learningleaderboard.* /ads* */aslframe.h* *.advertising* *-channel-banner.gif ** */* *** http://**********.jpg*.FlashFile.swf*.gif*?**-banner.jpg**.FlashFile.swf*.gif**********/Banner****.gif* http://*Banner-Ad.***.GIF http://** http://****** http://** http://***”);

NOTE: The last “user_pref” line is all one line wrapped around here.
These 7 lines go in prefs.js AFTER installing adbloc from You only need the last one (patterns) for firefox.


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