Just Resurrected my iAudio!

Saturday nite, my 9 day old Cowon iAudio mp3player “lost it’s mind” – booted up with no songs, radio presets, etc – memory wiped?!?!?! (ARGGGG¡) I first tried using fsck-vfat to see if I could recover the filesystem, no dice. QTParted could see /dev/sda1 had a partition, but no filesystem. So, had to borrow wife’s Winblows-XP box and load up the software, doWnload latest firmware, & try to “flash” it. Tried reformatting and upgrading firmware. First try failed (“semiphore error”). 2nd try reformatted, said it loaded firmware, the suddenly, could not find usb device. Tried reconnecting and retry – no dice. Tried putting battery backing and booting – no dice. The ?#$& thing was now a brick. Just on a lark, I tried again the next day ( rebooting machine, re-attaching with “Play” button held down), and it showed a faint spark of life, then appeared to disappear again. Rebooted, rinced, spit, repeat – this time it seemed to work. v. 1.55beta firmware now successfully loaded and Exploder came up with a drive F: w/no files (a working formatted vfat filesystem 🙂 Now for the test – copy a song to F:, unmount, & remount to my Linux box, wallah – file still there. So, restore original file tree (LUCKY A LITTLE BIRDEE TOLD ME TO BACK IT UP WHEN I FIRST CONNECTED IT TO MY PUTER!!!! :-))), unmount, boot & listen to music!!! Now must restore my tunes (I ALMOST backed them up earlier that day :((( ). Anyway, seems to be working again for the moment – must call Cowon & ask what could have caused this (no power surges possible, no moving parts, so wtf?!) Anyway, this doesn’t inspire much confidence, at least it’s warranteed for 1 year (when it will probably be obsolete). Don’t get me wrong, when working this is a Wonderful musicbox!


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