UPDATED 8/1/2006

Finally, (w/ almost NO help from the docs or google) got the new (2+) version of AfterStep to play nice w/xplanet! (This USED to work GREAT w/asetroot and AS v. 1+)

Anyway, here’s what I had to do:

1) Get xplanet working properly. To do this:

a) apt-get install xplanet & xplanet-images
b) Add the “download_clouds” script to /etc/cron.daily
c) In /usr/share/xplanet/images/: backup newclouds0_1600.jpg to newclouds0_1600.bak.jpg and
create a script in /usr/local/bin/ called restore_clouds containing:

cp /usr/share/xplanet/images/newclouds0_1600.bak.jpg /usr/share/xplanet/images/newclouds0_1600.jpg

d) run it as root with “-f” It should create /usr/share/xplanet/images/newclouds0_1600.jpg
e) mkdir ~/.xplanet
f) cp /etc/xplanet/config/default ~/.xplanet/config (file)
g) edit ~/.xplanet/config and add “cloud_map=/usr/share/xplanet/images/newclouds0_1600.jpg” in the “Earth” section (about 107l)

You can skip #2 if you already have an image that is the size of your screen on which you wish xplanet to
display the planet on

2) Kill all running modules, then run ksnapshot to capture full-screen the image generated onscreen by xplanet and save it out as ~/images/mybackground.png.
3) Modified my custom “look” file (~/.afterstep/looks/look.Mine) as follows:

MyBackground “back2”
Use 0 “~/images/mybackground.png”

DeskBack 0 “back2”
DeskBack 1 “back2”

#KillBackgroundThreshold 10000000

MyStyle “*WharfTile”
BackPixmap 129 /usr/share/dfm/icons/empty.xpm

This tells AS to load the image file mybackground.png, which I create w/xplanet.

4) Create .afterstep/ containing (adjust numbers and options as needed):
killall xplanet
/usr/bin/xplanet -target earth -longitude -latitude -background $HOME/images/mybackground.png -center +256+267 -radius 22 -config $HOME/.xplanet/config &

5) Edit .afterstep/ and add this at or very near the top:


6) For “swallowed” pager in Wharf:

In “base” file, make sure you have the following:

DeskTopSize 2×2

in “pager” file, make following changes:

*PagerDecoration NoDeskLabel, DeskBorderWidth 2, DeskBorderColor Inactive2Dark, GridColor Inactive2Dark, SelectionColor HighActiveLight
*PagerGeometry 60×60-1+27
*PagerRows 2
*PagerColumns 2
*PagerActiveDeskBevel Right,Bottom
*PagerInactiveDeskBevel Left,Top

# Iconic Pager options – for when Pager is swallowed minimized in Wharf :
*PagerIconGeometry +0-0

MyStyle “DeskStyle”
# Considered to be Default
ForeColor grey50
BackColor black
## Transparent Pager –
BackPixmap 129 empty.xpm
MaxColors 10

MyStyle “*PagerActiveDesk”
Font -adobe-helvetica-bold-o-*-*-10-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
BackColor #475293
ForeColor Grey70

MyStyle “*PagerInActiveDesk”
Font -adobe-helvetica-bold-o-*-*-10-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
BackColor Grey30
ForeColor Grey70

7) Reload your custom “look.Mine” file using menu.
8) Close and completely restart Afterstep (Properly exit to kdm and re-log in).



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