More AfterStep Tweekage!

UPDATE 11/16/06 for AS v. 2.2.3 (also applies to v2.2.2):

1) Make sure you have following libs installed BEFORE building: libxext6, libxext-dev, libxpm4, libpng12-0, libpng12-dev, libjpeg62, libjpeg62-dev, libx11-6, libx11-dev, libxcomposite1. Not sure you need most of these, but I had them. DEFINITELY NEED libxext* and libxpm* and libpng*!!!

2) apt-get install afterstep (install theirs first to get kdm to see it!!!)

3) type tkman (to find out where it is), install if necessary!

4) Configure with: ./configure –enable-shaping –with-helpcommand=/usr/bin/tkman –with-desktops=2 –with-deskgeometry=2×2 –enable-savewindows=no –prefix=/usr/local

NOTE: You must include “–enable-shaping”, even though default sais “–enable-shaping=yes”!!!


5) mv /usr/bin/afterstep /usr/bin/

make install

6) create /usr/local/bin/afterstep.pre containing:



7) ln -s /usr/local/bin/afterstep.pre /usr/bin/afterstep

8) Fire up the new as the 1st time (it will create a new .afterstep subdirectory).

9) Update /usr/local/bin/afterstep.pre and un-pound the asstartuppre line.

UPDATE 9/4/06 for AS v. 2.2.2:

I upgraded to 2.2.2 since I was told that there was no way to avoid transient windows from popping up in the upper-left viewport rather than their parent’s viewport. Anyway, that DID fix that problem + added nice little icons to my WinList, but BROKE transparent, shaped icons. Anyway, still had to tweek my configurations to keep everything else working properly:

1) Default style is now: FocusOnMap, UseCurrentViewport, HonorTransientHints, WindowBox “mywinlist”
Style “Unknown” Icon Unknown.xpm

2) Added “NoFocus” to “*Wharf” style.

###Changed “*WharfTile” style to “BackPixmap 129”.
Changed “*WharfTile” style to “BackPixmap 125”.

###FORGET THIS:Commented out FullPush, NoBorder, FitContents, and ShapeToContents.
JimPossible: 2, AfterStep II Configuration Dragons: 0

More tweeks needed 2 get AS v2.1.3 to do the really cool shaped Wharf images whilst using Xplanet for background:

Create a new 68×68 “empty.xpm” file (the one supplied is a 32×32 image of a “blank document” NOT a 1 pixel empty images as advertised by AS docs?!?!?!) I first tried making a 1×1 transparent image, but Wharf did not like it (too much tiling I guess). So tried making it 68×68 to acommodate all my MaxSwallow’ed monitor apps and then did following in my “look” file:

MyStyle “*WharfTile”
BackPixmap 126 /usr/X11R6/include/X11/pixmaps/empty.xpm
Alignment Center

Also needed following in WHARF file keep icon images from getting garbled (while wharf swallows & redraws stuff starting up):

#*WharfAnimateDelay 100
#*WharfAnimateSteps 10
#*WharfAnimateStepsMain 10
####*WharfBalloonYOffset -15

# Buttons
# Geometry
#*WharfRows 1
*WharfColumns 1
*WharfGeometry -0+0
#*WharfBevel Bottom,Right,NoOutline,Extra
*WharfBevel None,NoOutline

This works!

Now, also did following 2 get new windows to focus: In “database” file, add “FocusOnMap” to each style wildcard describing a class of windows to be given focus when started. This is apparently not a bug but a security feature.

Also, to now get my transparent Aterm to NOT have ANY border or frame, now need in “database” file (added “BorderWidth 0”):

Style “DeskXterm” NoTitle, NoHandles, NoFrame, BorderWidth 0, icon desk.xpm

Now I’m “Steppin'” again! 🙂



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