Woo-Hoo! Just got WinList to be popable in AS2.0 (the way I had it in 1.x). By popable, what I mean is the addition of a “Vertical Titlebar” (on the left end) with a single button that allows one to click it and have the Winlist shrink down (“shade”) to just that tiny button in the lower left corner of the screen when you’re viewing a movie full-screen, etc. or just want it out of the way.

This creates a 24×24 pixel titlebar on left-side of Winlist with a single button (button 6 – the “shading” button). Here’s what I did:


Style “WinList” VerticalTitle, AllowCover, Button 6, NoButton 2, NoButton 3, NoButton 4, NoButton 5, NoButton 1, Sticky, StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkip, Title, NoHandles, NoFocus

NOTE the “Button 6”, “VerticalTitle”, “AllowCover”, “Title”, and “NoHandles” attributes were required.


*WinListGeometry +0-0 #BOTTOM LEFT
*WinListMaxWidth 1376 #MY SCREEN IS 1400 PIXELS WIDE (1400-24 FOR WIDTH OF TITLEBAR)
*WinListOrientation across

*WinListSpacing 1
*WinListBevel Right,Bottom
*WinListAlign Left,Right,Bottom,Top

MyStyle “focused_window_style”
Inherit helv12_bulge_text
Inherit dark_purple_gradient_pixmap

UnfocusedStyle “unfocused_window_style”
FocusedStyle “focused_window_style”
StickyStyle “sticky_window_style”

LOOKS/FEELS: Everything about Winlist commented out.


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