Getting Realplayer working in FireFox/Bugzilla

I went to a website ( that had Realplayer (rpm) content & it said I needed an additional plugin to view it (RealPlayer 10.5). No big – just install it – no dice – It said I had to do a “manual” install, which took me to Realplayer’s download page. Ok, download plugin – follow instructions which say:

<lj-cut text="Details".

1) find /usr -name -print (You may be able to skip 2-6 if this already exists)
2) chmod 755 /tmp/RealPlayer10GOLD.bin
3) cd /tmp
4) sudo ./RealPlayer10GOLD.bin
Directory: /usr/local/RealPlayer
Location for symbolic links [/usr]:
5) cd /usr/local/RealPlayer
6) ./realplay
Take defaults to set up for Mozilla

For Bugzilla (Mozilla), we’re now done – it seems to work properly
For Firefox/Swiftfox – we must do some additional magic, hense this post:

1) To see avalable Firefox plugins, type “about:plugins” in the URL line
It shows all plugins in $HOME/.mozilla/plugins
2) Find the global plugins (probably in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/)
The ones we’re looking for are “” and “nphelix.xpt”.
3) cd $HOME/.mozilla/plugins
4) ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
5) ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/nphelix.xpt nphelix.xpt
6) Should now be in business – go to your fav Realplayer site & listen.


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