gpm and X

Got gpm working w/all my mice (trackpoint, touchpad, ps/2 or USB mouse). Only activate for runlevel 2 because will not work quite right w/X. Here’s the options I use (/etc/gpm.conf):


The primary device is the touchpad/trackpoint. Unfortunately, both the touchpad, trackpoint, and PS/2 mouse (if connected) all use /dev/input/event2 (/dev/psaux), therefore, if there is a PS/2 mouse connected, the special features of the touchpad, namely right-edge scrolling are disabled. This is true in X as well (it will show in the log file that no touchpad device found). This is true even though the bios is set to “Touchpad, PS/2 Mouse”. Since the synaptics and a standard PS/2 mouse have different properties, they SHOULD be on different devices, but they’re NOT! Best advice for getting most out of the touchpad is to use a USB external mouse, rather than a PS/2 one! The “append=-2 forces the two-button touchpad to paste on right-click, since in gpm, pressing both buttons together STILL does not emulate button-3?! Also, remove start entries in /etc/rc#.d except rc2.d otherwise, X runs sloooow, cpu runs hot & touchpad no come back after suspend!


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