AGP 4x w/Nvidia glx AGP

Here’s how to get AGP 4x to work w/Nvidia proprietary driver on Dell C840 laptop, et. al: The issue is you must force the “agpgart” and “[!nvidia]_agp” kernel modules from loading. Otherwise, /proc/drivers/nvidia/agp/status will tell you that AGP is disabled, since I’m using “Option NvAGP “1”” in order to get Suspend-2-Ram to work. Anyway, it can’t load since “agpgart” is loaded. Anyway, here’s how to fix it:/etc/modprobe.d

1) Edit /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia and comment out the 1st 2 lines, so that it looks like:

#install nv /sbin/modprobe agpgart; /sbin/modprobe –ignore-install nv
#install nvidia /sbin/modprobe agpgart; /sbin/modprobe –ignore-install nvidia

2) Move /etc/modprobe.d/agpgart somewhere else (to save it) and get it to not be loaded.

Now, when you cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status, you should get:

Status: Enabled
Driver: NVIDIA
AGP Rate: 4x
Fast Writes: Disabled
SBA: Disabled


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