New Laptop!

Woo Hoot – Just got me a new lappy, a Dell D620. Tested out at the store (Mr. Notebook, San Antonio) with the latest SimplyMepis 8beta4 liveCD and everything, including suspend and 1440×900 resolution worked OOTB except wireless whilst @store! 🙂 Now, box had broadcom chip, which suck w/Linux, but I got em to switch out for an Intel 3495 in the store (which had been known to work w/Linux). Still couldn’t get to work, but could w/Antix (older Mepis – ipw3995 driver), so I KNEW it could be made to work, so I bought!

Got home & got everything installed & even wireless working, but only sporatically. Anyway, to make a long story short, I wrote a script to set the wireless parameters AFTER bringing interface up & now seems to work fine! For details and the script code, go here:

This seems to be a very good Linux laptop, but make sure you have Intel wireless, not Broadcom, ymmv. Only other thing was Conexant HDA D110 modem, reportedly only works with crippled closed-source driver from LinuxAnt, but for small fee can be “uncrippled” to work @56k, but I quit using modems long ago 🙂

More posts to follow!


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