How Togglebolts saved Christmas

Just after we built this sun room a few years back, around New Years, my employer was having a garage sale of sorts to rid themselves of stuff they had no use for. I saw a box of these things and immediately thought of a use for them – lowering the Christmas lights I had just taken down to where they could be seen from inside the sun room! I bought the entire box for a buck, brought them home, checked them out and thru them into the attic for next year. Suffice it to say, they worked perfectly for hanging Christmas lights. This came to mind the other day when I contacted the manufacturer to try to obtain some more (a few had broken over the years and now I have no more extras) and they said they had discontinued them – bummer ¡ 😦 Anyway, I decided to post this here because I think it’s a neat, weird and unintended application for something otherwise mundane.

What “togglebolts” are (intended to be) is a way to bolt something into a sheetrock wall. The plastic piece is used to hold it until you screw in a bolt, then is pulled off and discarded. In my case, the plastic part is the useful part – it snaps perfectly around a C9 bulb socket and is the perfect length and flexibility to hold each light in just the right position. I could not attach the lights in the lower position otherwise because the facia is “Hardiplank(tm)”.

Anyway, for whomever’s interested, you can obtain similar ones here (but the metal brackets are larger (3/8″ instead of 3/16″): or



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