DBD::LDAP v.0.20 released

DBD::LDAP v. 0.20 is hereby released and is now making it’s way around CPAN. This release, among other things, closes bug#50709 (rt.cpan.org).

0.20 Thu Nov 5 2009
– Fix bug that prevented query field data from containing escaped single
quotes. Note: Perl generally requires a double-backslash to
preceed the quote in order to pas the escape on to LDAP.
– Fix “warning” issue where “AutoCommit” was reported as not being
implemented in the driver, particularly when “-w” (Perl warnings
turned on).
– Improved general error-message reporting, particulary by connect(),
prepare(), and execute() functions.
– Changed the call to Net::LDAP’s get() function to get_value() per
patch by Gab. Korsani. Thanks Gab, and also for providing me with
a working LDAP server to test against!
– Added DBI’s “primary_key_info” query.
– Fixed unimplemented, but valid SQL “create table”, “alter table”, and
“drop table” calls to return zero instead of error.
– Optimized many regices.
– Fixed some minor issues with AutoCommit – when AutoCommit is OFF, and
one exits without calling commit(), anything done since the previous
commit() call should now be rolled back.
– TYPE and PRECISION, etc. data are now properly returned (as
VARCHAR(255)) for all fields.


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