Welcome to my little corner in the boondocks of the Wide, Wild Web!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!  Here you’ll get (hopefully) interesting personal stories about people, places, events and even sweet little lovable me, thought-provoking political and religious commentary / satire, stunning pictures and images covering a wide variety of subjects, entertaining comic strips that’ll leave you ROFL, hot links to cool videos and great music, useful tech tips, links to some of the best of other blogs’ stories and articles, and important news you can use right now!  You can even comment anonymously and tell me how much I rock or suck!  What more could you ask for?  If you do think of something, feel free to comment here or ask me on Formspring (wildstar84)!  Either way, you can anonymously ask for and receive my inspiring wisdom and advice personally, & for free too!  Don’t be scared – I don’t flame ppl!  Comment this post to sign my unofficial “guestbook” if you like.

If you’re interested in my Open Source work / contributions / documentation, visit http://home.mesh.net/turnerjw/jim.

I want to be your swell internet blogger who posts all the really neat stuff you want a swell internet blogger to do.  In fact mine’s pbly the most swollen blog you’ll find, lmao!


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