Firefox 3.6 Scrolling Regression FIXED!

I DOWNGRADED Firefox back to v3.5.7 from v3.6 after discovering the mousewheel scrolling was now DOG SLOW and would queue up (continue scrolling for awhile after I took my finger off the scrolling stick – IBM Scrollpoint mouse) – ARRRGH~! I did stumble across this little gem via Google that seems to improve things a bit:

I changed “mousewheel.enable_pixel_scrolling” to “false” & noticed that “mousewheel.system_scroll_override_on_root_content” was already “false”. This seems to have restored my scrolling (Note: I penned the “Yet Another Smooth Scrolling” addon to v2.0.20 a while back and the latest one (v3.x.x-something) is STILL borked – It now overruns the top & bottom of webpages?!?! Anyway, this seems to be working well now!

My YASS settings for this mouse are currently: Stride=3; Start-Move Smoothness:100; Smoothness: 0; Acceleration: 10

I also changed the following prefs to get scrolling to work better w/o using YASS addon:

change mousewheel.acceleration.start: -1 => 20
change mousewheel.acceleration.factor: 10 => 1
change mousewheel.withnokey.numlines: 6 => 1


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