My desktop

I finally decided to post screenshots of my beautiful (imho) GNU/Linux desktop on my Dell D620 lappy. Note – Just about everything is hacked in some way or another b/c i’m a control freak when it comes to my computer and I want everything to work just the way I want it too, & b/c I can!! The earth image is actually a clock showing current solar (daylight) position and cloud-cover (Xplanet). The green text is a borderless transparent xterm (Aterm)1. The color-highlighted text-editor, the weather applet (TkWeather), and the red Audacious theme are mine. The window-manager is AfterStep. The browser is Firefox with the “RedShift” theme. The anime is from the 1979-ish Japanese anime series “Starblazers” (Derick WildStar and Nova, his GF & co-star). I looked just like him when I was that age and really admired his personality and hero qualities!

1 The Aterm is: aterm -geometry +70+76 -fade 66 –cutchars “\`\’\”&()*,;:?[]{|}” -tr -sr -st -sl 2000 -bg black -fg green -fn “-monotype-extra! full new-medium-r-normal–19-140-100-100-m-120-iso8859-1” +sb -name DeskXterm -n DeskTerm -T “DeskTerm ($HOSTWORD)” &



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