I absolutely love this cartoon, makes me rofl! The title is “Oily Hare”. I Haven’t seen it in nearly 30 years until now! My dad & I loved nearly all of the old Bugs Bunny / Warner Bro’s Saturday Morning cartoons growing up & I even continued watching them until Ted Turner (not related to me in any way) bought up & locked them all away many years ago. For some reason though, they’re now popping up on Youtube! XD! My daughter has for the most part been deprived of seeing these b/c we don’t have Cartoon Network (Toll TV)!

Anyway, for the longest time when our beloved NBA Dallas Mavericks would lose or do something stupid, I would instantly think of this character with his big floppy hat and bouncing nose, and hear his oil-tycoon boss yelling for him “MAAAAVERICK”! Anyway, this was one of my fav, so I’m linking here for your viewing pleasure! 😉

& as a bonus, my fav. vsn of the Three Bears on steroids – Papa has severe anger managemt issues!


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