Cool Anime Cannons

For some reason, I really love these cannons (the anime artists’ rendition of them hitting a spaceship head-on with the conical spinning wave of energy just before completely annihilating it in a plume of flame and distruction! NOTE: This mid-70’s anime predates computer-generated artwork!). The next time I venture into outer space or, (more likely) Dallas traffic, I’m gonna steal some of these from the “Comet Empire” & take ’em with me, like mount them on my car – lol! Actually I love this entire Startrek-ish (“Starblazers – Battleship Yamato”) anime series ever since watching it growing up (the story, music, battle scenes & the characters, particarly the swashbuckling hero Derick (Kodai) Wildstar, who looked alot like me when I was that age)!


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