LJ Hates me & my browser / security~!

For some reason, LJ no longer wants to play nice w/my browser, i guess b/c it’s too secure! I can’t log in anymore unless i go thru chromium (w/no security addons – fortunately i keep >1 browsers 😉 now which i only use for stuff like this. I guess it’s b/c i run Firefox+NoScript+Adblock+Cookiesafe so I have to specifically allow individual website hosts to run javascript/set cookies/track me/do other annoying things w/my computer as i surf the web. I tried to get their tech support to tell me specifically which sites i needed to allow & they could/would not tell me. I tried opening up everything but doubleclick & google-analytics & still could not log in anymore. It’s something they’ve done in the last month, but they could/would not tell me! I’m sorry, call me paranoid, old-school, etc. but I REFUSE to be tracked/spammed/add-targeted/surrender MY right to manage MY computer and MY privacy MY WAY!!!


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