Oh for some SLEEZZZZZP!

This is the 4th nite in a row i’ve gotten virtually NO SLEEP – after very little sleep the prev. week. My mind is sooooo fscked up – it just won’t shut off – grrrrrrrrr¡ I’ve always been somewhat of an insomniac, but this is a/b the worst run i can remember. Not really thinking/worried a/b anything in particular (except why am i NOT sleeping), mostly just “jump: while (!defined(why(cpustate() !~ /sleep/io))) { goto jump }” lol. It’s becoming an infinite feedback loop¡ I’m out of stuff to take (since i took different drug each nite – but none work >1 time in a wk). I feel like someone opened up my head and took an egg scrambler to my brain and now my soul must work with my body thru a pile of ground up mush. Soooo many fragmented memories, lost chains, dropped bits & missing inodes, etc. lol. I did have a brief dream this morn. which is a good thing (meaning i actually slept some). Man, I wish my brain had an ext4 filesystem, then no defragging would be needed & I could be awake 24/7 (as now w/o feeling like fsck) – HA!


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