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I got bored + a wild hair up my nose & finally decided to set up one of those silly FormSpring Q&A fora. Now you can follow me here:!

Now if you want wisdom (lol), advice, my humble opinion (to combine with a quarter for a cup of coffee), have a technical/non-technical ? a/b Perl, Linux or any of my many other interests (see my LJ profile for some), want to know somethin’ a/b sweet little lovable crazy me, offer me loving words of encouragement/advice, a (pbly losing) stock pick (ha ha), just feel like asking a stupid ? (& pbly. getting a stupid answer), just want to hear me say something, or just want an open chat; ask & you shall receive! I PROMISE I won’t flame anyone! Only thing I ask in return is 1) i don’t like to reveal things really personal to the whole wide world, & 2) refrain from profanity – I try to run clean fora!

JP, aka Wildstar84

Oops – there goes my lawyer: “I make no warranty whatsoever as to the correctness, accuracy, or fitness for any purpose whatsoever of any answer or reply I have given or may give here or on Formspring!” You follow all advice strictly at your own risk”. I also reserve the right to not answer any question for any reason whatsoever. Also remember the old saw – if you can’t stand the answer, don’t ask the question – lol!


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