Well, my 11 yr old dishwasher gave up the ghost the other day, so i bought a shiny new one at the “blue apron” store on Labor day sale! They wanted $140 to install it, which i declined, having installed the prev. one all by my lonesome! Well, that turned into a nitemare – dishwashers are supposed to be all a standard size, but this one was ever so slightly bigger & deeper (the old one BARELY fit in my crap cabinet). Also, none of the new one’s water connections matched w/mine. They told me my house was OLD (b/c it’s >10yrs & all the fittings are all slightly different now, metric, maybe). They sold me the “proper” ones whilst i was buying the dishwasher, suffice it to say they WEREN’T¡¡ SO, THREE trips back to store & talking w/their “Plumbers” and SHOWING them my OLD waterline, they STILL sent me home w/the WRONG fittings – grrrrrrr! After day 1 i had already called a/b installation & went ahead & got in the queue just in case i decided to punt & they would not chg me for the install if i called ’em back b4 they came out saying it’d be several daze. Why oh WHY do we have to have SOOOOO many slightly different fittings to connect waterlines????
Anyway, the plumber called this morning saying he could come out THIS morning, and seeing I was going to have to go back YET AGAIN this eve. after work, I could NOT resist the temptation & just told him to come on out & just do it, which he DID! I feel like such a lazy loser b/c i STILL COULD HAVE DONE THIS MYSELF, GRRRRR!!!!! I’ve DONE IT BEFORE – I am JIMPOSSIBLE – I can do ANYTHING!!!! (wink+nod LOL) AND I’m out an extra $140¡ “But hey, looking on the Bright side” – I have a WORKING dishwasher & I stood over him & made sure he did it RIGHT and did the electrical work myself, which he said he COULDN’T DO! – “La la la lalalala la lalala lalalalala…” (spin up the LaQuinta Inn Commercial Theme Song lol)! LetsRumble

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