New & Improved – Now More Graphix for your Viewing Pleasure!

I finally got around to taking the plunge and getting a Flickr acct. set up and running. Now my web-hosting service won’t strangle me for uploading too much junk to their servers! Now I can maybe post stuff someone might actually want to look at, lol! I PROMISE to start includin’ more images in my posts here! I’m still leery of posting large images of myself here (for ppl. to make dartboards out of, etc.), since this is a wide-open public forum and maybe b/c i grew up b4 the web (You’re not missing much anyway, lol). Those go on facebook! If you like me, friend me there & if i know you’re not a creep i’ll pbly. friend you back! To look at all my crap, go here (, though there’s not much there yet. Funny how I started this LJ as mostly just a tech. journal of info. useful mostly just to me, but i enjoy looking at others (much cooler) stuff and have gradually warmed to the idea of posting a much wider variety of stuff here. I’m boring enough in person, so maybe i can be less boring here! 😉


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