Highway Robbery

This is EVIL! This is I35W just North of Loop 820 on the North side of Fort Worth, Texas. Look closely and you’ll notice in addition to and to the left of the two open lanes of traffic (built in 1970) there are a left shoulder and two additional lanes that are NOT OPEN (on both sides). These additional lanes were built with our gas tax money over 4 years ago¡ The reason these lanes are not open is because, while our politicians rightfully insisted that TxDOT to agree to NOT add tolls to existing FREE lanes, TxDOT is still free to toll any NEW freeway lanes added in our area. TxDOT wants to eventually make these “Toll Express” lanes in lieu of widening this and most other freeways in our area and to build all new expressways as toll roads! This boondoggle of a plan for 35W is called the “North Tarrant Express“. IMG_3956gimp4

This picture was taken on the outbound lanes at around 6PM on a weekday. Notice that both the in and outbound sides are almost equally congested! This is not a “rush-hour” condition, but rather is the normal day-time condition of BOTH SIDES of this awful road¡ The point is that this road has already been widened enough to accommodate FOUR lanes of traffic, but is being intentionally held to only two lanes, the same number we had in 1970 when the area population and the gas tax were both a fraction of what they are now so that they won’t be “existing free lanes” when TxDOT is finished and ready to toll them.

We are forever told that there is no money for road improvements and that we must drive less and pay additional taxes for mass-transit boondoggles and pay double for new roads (gas taxes plus tolls). Yes, the area has grown rapidly over the last 30 years, but ALL those additional cars pay gas taxes! The pbm. is not “too many cars”, the pbm. imho, is not enough roads, too much road tax money diverted to other uses, and too many evil political agendaii and schemes!

Making this pic. was entertaining for me in that I learned how to use Gimp to do some non-trivial photo-editing, in particular, using the Resynthesizer plugin to background out parts of a pic. In my case, the inspection sticker and tax stamp on my windshield, through which this pic. was taken!


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  1. […] made this a 6-lane FREEway, congestion would be all but eliminated and, applying this to 35W (see my story on THAT boondoggle) would probably reduce ozone pollution enough to get us out of the EPA’s doghouse AND boost […]

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