I’m in Hot Water – Again!

Why, b/c I’m JimPossible & my hot water heater went out a couple of days ago and I singlehandedly installed a new one myself.  I called the big red apron store with an ad my wife showed me promising same-day installation if i ordered one by noon, so i bit, going down there to select one. There, things got more complicated (they always do) when i discovered they had electric tank-less ones.  I’ve always wanted a tank-less one, but with an all-electric house, they were not available.  They warned me that I needed to contact an electrician to see if my ancient house’s electrical grid could support it, so i did and it doesn’t¡  Anyway that made the selection process easy – they only had 1 model that would fit in my tiny closet. So i ordered it by ph. and they said they’d send someone out to install it this PM – Yay!  Then they call an hour later & tell me that it’ll be $150 extra + whatever extra parts that would surly be needed to pass my tiny town’s new codes and inspection requirements – WTF – on an EXISTING house & water heater?! – I don’t think so!  I called my friend at city hall & sure enuf they now DO – Yucksters¡  This is b/c the yuppies took over our little town years ago, which is another long rant for another day!
Well, since now it was going to cost north of $800, and work was slow, I decided to drain this bad boy & see how difficult it’d be to move it myself.  Well, suffice it to say that 2 hrs later I had it drained and sitting outside on my porch! So then, the installer guy shows up (the store does not charge you for the install even if they show up but you decide to not have ’em do it) & i ask him a/b code requirements and then send him on his way.  When S. returned home from school with her truck, I went down to the store and picked up the new one and some new fittings, brought it home and installed it – no biggie!  It was much easier than my recent dishwasher experience!  And I saved over 400 bucks!

IMG_4037gimp2 In other news:  We’ve got tickets to go see our Texas Rangers vs. the New York Yankees in game 2 of the AL Championship Series Saturday at The Ballpark in Arlington! IMG_4040gimp2 This is as far as our Rangers have ever made it and the first time they’ve ever played for a pennant – Go Rangers!! UPDATE!!!! Rangers WIN 1st Home playoff series game EVER (7-2) & I was THERE! IMG_4054gimp2

And – in the midst of the hot-water fiasco we dropped everything and went to see Secretariat. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually seen a movie in a real movie theater. S works there & scored us discounts too.

Oh & check this out! (cool workout phone): (http://velocomputer.com/) Thanks, Dana for sharing!


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