Texas Rangers complete Best Season Ever in World Series!

I want to cry, but there’s no crying in baseball!  This is so sad – we could not buy a hit w/runners in scoring posn.  Didn’t seem to matter who was on the mound.  Anyway, Congratulations Texas Rangers, 2010 American League Champions!  It was a spectacular season and y’all did well and made us proud and gave us plenty to celebrate this year!
In other news, I houseset for my mom last week (and worked during the day remotely from there).  I Finished all the mowing / yard-work for the season this Saturday (October 31)- I NEVER mow after the time-change (bad karma, lol) and now, since the time-change has been moved into November this year – I refuse to mow in November!  Other than that, life’s been pretty boring lately, but hey, sometimes boring is good (nothing going wrong)!

Oh and if you are informed on the issues, be sure and PLEASE GET OUT AND *VOTE* tomorrow!!!!! Especially if you like to complain like I do!  If you are not informed on the candidates and issues, then – puleeeze do your fellow tax-paying citizens a favor and STAY HOME!

This image shows yet another Rangers’ strikeout – one of many on the night and in the series combined with the classic red “X”s that they used to do on Richard Dawson’s “Family Feud” game show back in the day (along with a loud buzzer) when contestants “struck out” – I always wished they’d do that sometimes in televised baseball, ha ha!


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