they’re Baaaaaaaak¡ (Cowbags, that is)

The longest Rangers’ season in history was still tooooo short, b/c now, boys & girls, we’re back to THIS¡  I’m actually old enough to remember these from the ’90s the last time our Cowboys went 1-15. Oh well, Hell froze over, the Rangers are great & da ‘Boys r baaaaad, who’da thunk?  We do live in intersting times, don’t we!  Anyway, I’m still a Cowboys fan & they’re still “America’s Team”.  Jerry does need to shake things up a bit, me thinks!

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“The 10 most disappointing NFL teams of 2010, By Shane Bacon:  1.) Dallas Cowboys (1-6): A playoff team a year ago, the Cowboys have had nearly the perfect storm in terms of falls from grace. The most popular sports team with no real answer to the problem, star quarterback and heartthrob hurt during the season, entire fan base up in arms about the struggles, and to boot, the Super Bowl being played at their stadium this season, when everyone was penciling them in to be a part of the festivities…”


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