Taking a stand for OpenSource / Software Freedom!

Apple Restriction ZoneVLC developer takes a stand against DRM enforcement in Apple’s App Store:

VLC media player is free software licensed solely under the terms of the GNU General Public License (a.k.a. GPL). Those terms are contradicted by the products usage rules of the AppStore through which Apple delivers applications to users of its mobile devices…” (Full Story here at http://www.fsf.org/blogs/licensing/vlc-enforcement/)

Mass resignations from OpenOffice.org:

“Following the fork in the open office suite development and the foundation of The Document Foundation, the dispute with main sponsor Oracle appears to have come to a head. More than 30 leading figures in the German-language section who have previously donated their time to the OpenOffice.org project have announced their resignations….” (Full Story here at http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Mass-resignations-from-OpenOffice-org-1128548.html).

Oh, if you want to keep a personal / internal blog, like Livejournal just on your own computer / server, give Tonido (http://tonido.com/) a try (it’s free) You can also serve it to the world if you wish though!  and here’s another good tech link to close out this tech post:  7 Uncommon uses of Iptables.


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