Aggies, ‘Boys & Aliens, Oh My!

WHOOP!  The Fightin’ Texas Aggies Beat the H311 out of O.U. in a MUCH IMPROVED version of “Texas/OU” Weekend! The unranked Aggies upset the #8 Sooners 33 – 19!  (Read the full story)  Since the Aggies beat OU & OU beat tu, Thanksgiving is starting to look much better for this year, lol!

Meanwhile, our ‘Boys put on an absolutely disgusting and embarrassing debacle of a performance up in Green Bay tonite¡  I wore my “cowbag” and lost count of the score.

UFO Abducts sheep! I’ve been learnin’ how to do non-trivial image editing using “Gimp” (a Free, Open Source alternative to Adobe’s $$$$ Photoshop). This is a silly 1st attempt to create a light-beam and a “UFO” image. I’ve been entertaining myself learning this stuff, mostly through trial & error & googling for Gimp tutorials.

In other news:  I got new batteries for my Pentax ME-Super “retro” 25mm SLR camera, dusted it off and took it out for a photoshoot to shoot up the rest of the film in it whilst taking a long walk/picnic lunch out in our beautiful wilderness yesterday.  The weather was perfect!  I’m going to get them developed asap.  


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