Dustin’ off my old “retro” SLR & takin’ pics

As promised, i just got back my 1st roll of film after dusting off my ancient Pintax ME-Super 35mm SLR film camera, vintage 1982.  I got this camera as a Christmas gift back in college and really liked it, it took great pictures and still does!  

Oh – Breaking News! – Check out the Leonid Meteor Shower, peaking tonite!

My Retro Film SLR 2010 Veterans' Day Parade

Anyway, it’s been fun getting re-acquanted with my film SLR.  The only down-side is I no longer have my fancy zoom lenz, so I’m limited to just simple 50mm lenz shots, but that’s ok, I’ll eventually either get myself (and/or my daughter) a (2nd, better) digital cam, maybe for Christmas and then this thing may, sad to say, end up back in the drawer, on the other hand, pbly not!!

I had a 200mm zoom/wide-angle lenz for it, but 10-15 yrs ago, the lenz broke, and we bought a point-&-shoot, then soon after that, our 1st digital and this camera found it’s way into my drawer and collected dust during that time.  Recently my daughter has been hogging the digital so I can never find it when I want to take pictures and I bought a tripod and wanted to see if it fit, so I got this thing out & discovered that it needed a new battery (it has no computer and is strictly mechanical except for the light-meter).  I decided to get one & take it out for some photoshoots.  It had a roll of 200iso film in it so I shot it up & took it in for processing.  Aparently film “ages” so the pics I got back were horribly faded.  This was the last picture on a new roll (my camera’s little picture counter is broken) and I ended up with this double-exposure by accident, but for some reason, I like it, lol! Veterans' Day Parade
Veterans Day Parade I might have assumed the camera was bad too, except I had already shot up another roll (at my local town’s Veterans’ day parade – daughter had camera once again) I’m still waiting for it to be used up, so these are the best of the pictures I took of the parade.  My being at the parade was by accident too – I was at the church with a bunch of ppl helping to move stuff around – they are remodeling and, just happened to have my camera with me and then found out that the local Veterans’ day parade was preparing to march right by us! So, i took a break from the work and decided to shoot it up! Of course forgetting that i need film to take pictures – ha ha, I ran out midway through the parade, so I ran into a nearby Dollar General store & bought their last roll of 35mm film, quickly loaded & resumed shooting.

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