Solumn and Crazy College All-Nighter.

(photo (c) courtesy Collective Vision)

(photo (c) courtesy

A friend and I left after work yesterday to drive 4 hrs to College Station to attend the annual Bonfire Memorial service, which is held at 2:42 AM (the exact time of the collapse of the stack back in 1999).  This has become a very special tradition at Texas A&M since the terrible accident eleven years ago yesterday.  The memorial itself was built on the then-current site of the then school-sponsored annual Bonfire event held the week of the annual football game between the Fightin’ Texas Aggies and t.u. It is a beautiful tribute to the students killed in that tragic accident.  While the University no longer sponsors the Bonfire due to insurance issues, an unofficial, student Bonfire continues to be built annually to this day!  This was my first time to attend the memorial.

Then, as planned, we arrived in CS just after midnite, hung out w/his nephew at the good ol’ Dixie Chicken, tried to visit my ol’ “late night after working in the computer lab food hangout – Pepe’s Mexican Cafe”, but it now CLOSES at 10:30¡¡¡  WTF?! This place USED to be the ONLY place nearby to get food at 3am, now it’s one of the first to close!  Then we drove back getting back home just in time for me to go to work today >_< ugh – no sleep, but must work¡  I can almost NEVER sleep in the car. X(  Anyway, we stopped at 4am on a very dark side-road just off the highway to stargaze and watch the Leonid Meteor Shower!  It was a great trip and, even though i'm a walking dead man today, it was well worth it!  Did I say i'm insane?!  I'm much too OLD for this kinda stuff, but hey, it's been 26 years since i "pulled an all-nighter" at my college, hahahahahaha! XD  Sorry, no pics – it was dark. Pepe's Mexican Cafe
(courtesy (c) googlemaps

(photo courtesy (c)

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