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WHOOOOOP!!!!!!! The Fightin’ Texas Aggies, ranked 19th BEAT THE H-E-C-K OUTTA the #8-ranked Children of the Corn from Nebraska last night at Kyle Field 9-6 in a very defensive battle!  Booyah! – I even got to WATCH it on National TV.  Usually playing on National (Free) TV is the Kiss of Death for the Aggies!

In other news, I successfully upgraded my computer’s Linux operating system kernel to v. – (My Notes) and browser (Firefox 3.6.12) – (Notes) today after manually building and testing both on a test disk, then installing on my production disk drive!

This also enabled me to deploy the new user-space shell-script version of the recently-published so-called “Miracle 200-line Kernal Patch“. So far I can not tell much difference in speed, but supposedly the desktop needs to be under a heavy load for it to be very noticable.

Other Interesting Stuff of the Day:

This song (clean) is really good, check it out!
(Thanks, ‘Fia –
*** (This space for rent!) ***

Upgrade your Canon Camera with Open Source firmware

Education Dept. Study Finds Teaching No Longer Worth It
     from “The Onion” – (Satire)
     (*WARNING!* – Article contains very course language and offensive dialog)


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