Close Encounter with the “Marfa Lights”

A friend sent me this amazing video (link updated!) a/b the “Marfa Lights” (c) National Geographic. It includes a scene with her and her family in an up-close encounter with these mysterious lights while driving. The lights seem to closely follow their car in an almost intelligent way, or as if they are somehow attracted to, or affected by some aspect of the moving car. I had heard of this many times before but never paid much attention until a friend showed me her actual experiences!  It’s a great video and documentary story about this ongoing mystery…
The story also includes some scientific efforts to uncover the mystery and actually spans several videos.  I am always fascinated with paranormal stories such as these and, as a scientific type I tend to approach them with the skeptical view that there must be a logical explanation and I love to see scientific attempts made to resolve them, however I have no doubts whatsoever that my friend and her family saw and experienced what they did! Thank you CA for sharing this & allowing me to re-blog! Someday I hope to visit Marfa myself (and more of west Texas in general)!

I love wide open spaces and had the privilege a few years ago of staying on a thousand-plus acre hunting lease near Aspermont, Texas with one of my cousins where I could go out stargazing at night & not see a SINGLE light (“Marfa” or otherwise) in ANY direction! Only pbm. was it was during an almost-full moon. 😦


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