Astronomy, my visit to the dentist & other flotsam & jetsam

Meteor Shower and Total Lunar Eclipse to Wow Skywatchers This Month! Mark your calendars for the nights of 12/13 (meteors) and 12/20 (eclipse)

I got to see the Leonid Meteor Shower at 4am recently (the “peak” time – see my recent “Solumn and Crazy College All-Nighter” story) & was a little underwelmed – not many meteorites – but I love stargazing & hope the weather cooperates! Anyone down for a stargazing party?

Wedding Photo Editing with The GIMP:  This is interesting because it describes using several GIMP features I have not experimented with yet and should prove useful far beyond just wedding photos despite the name (probably b/c the tutorial involves tweaking a wedding photo).

Oh! This just in (“The Week“):  Cancun temps plunge to 100-year record low — during ‘global warming’ summit!  Irony of ironies, no?  These just keep happening, so guys – have fun at your little globalony parties, just be sure to dress warmly, lol!

Coolest. Door Knob. EVER!  I’m filing this one in my “Gee Whiz, Cool, but No” drawer – Maybe for a nursery room or your front door, if your entry foyer is dark, thus effectively rendering it one-way, for seeing out, but other that that, it kind of defeats the purpose of a door, no? I’m re-blogging this from another good blog-site:  Dawn  She’s a flaming athiest & often rants against Christian “Fundies” as she calls us, but she does run a good blog & posts a lot of interesting tech. and general info. articles.

Star of Bethlehem (courtesy (c) “The Battalion)

Full Story here: (courtesy (c) “The Star of Bethlehem: a myth or a real astronomical event?” is a presentation is given by Rick Larson, a former law professor at A&M…According to Larson, there are nine characteristics of the star that correlate perfectly with the birth of Jesus. “

This is really interesting!  I’ve never paid much attention to this astronomical phenomenon recorded in the Bible perhaps because I’ve seen very little scholarly writing on the subject.  This article is a good read though, and provides a lot of interesting information, but I’m a little concerned about the apparent lack of subject-related scholarly credentials (the author appears to be a former law professor – not astronomer) presented in the article.  I still found the article an interesting and fascinating read and consider it worth linking here.

I got to make my annual pilgrimage north up 35W to Denton for my annual dental checkup the other day. I’ve been seeing this dentist since I first got out of college many years ago. It’s a bit of a hike, but well worth it to me because he has always done the best dental work on me. He’s only a few years older than me and we like grew up together in the same church. Unlike most other ppl. I know, I’ve never had any pain with or any problems from any of the work he has done on me; and, sad to say, I’ve had a lot of dental work done over the years b/c I inherited crappy, crooked teeth. I had a lot of cavities when I was younger, but haven’t had any in the last 7 years – Whooot (flossing DOES work)! Anyway, he said a filling I had done (by a prev. dentist) in high school was going bad so I’d have to come back in January & get it fixed. Oh fun – get to have that 4″ needle run up my mouth again bumping up against my skull – yay me! It doesn’t “hurt” – he deadens the surface 1st & is very gentle, but still it always weirds me out – I’m afraid he’ll hit a hole in my skull & inject some of that stuff directly into my brain (wander what that’d be like, lol!). Oh well, the good thing is I’ve had enough work done over the years, including a root-canal, that I have absolutely no fear of the (this) dentist, haha! I think I’ve seen and experienced ALL of his shiny instruments of torture awake and lived to tell!
 I got most of my cavities in College when I rebelled & refused to think a/b going to see a dentist after my parents had forced me to wear braces in high school and have several teeth pulled as part of the orthodontics; and b/c i was just busy & didn’t think a/b it – I had never had many cavities either.  Anyway, learned my lesson years ago, now floss & get cleaned & checked every year!  There was more bad news. He’s been pestering me for years to go see a periodontist b/c of a bad place in my gums around one tooth caused by a filling that extends below the gum-line.  I’ve pretty much ignored that b/c I didn’t have insurance & am not convinced that it’s serious enough, but now I do (have ins.) & says I’ve “lost some bone this year & will loose all the teeth on that side of my mouth (they love to threaten doom & gloom) – maybe when I’m like 80 or something (like my grandparents), so now I feel like I should at least get looked at, if for nothing else – a 2nd opinion.  Oh, & did I say that I hate my crooked, crappy, teeth?!

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