A Creative Art Studio – Denton

For you fellow “Artsy” types out there, especially those of you in the Denton area, check out this place!: It’s both a studio and an etsy / craft shop.

…offering fine art and handmade crafts and gifts from an ever-changing group of local and regional artists. The studio is serving the community with classes in oil and acrylic painting, stained glass, jewelry, mosaics, watercolor, drawing, writing workshops and other fun art classes.“.  They also have a great blog covering the local art and music scene.

I really enjoyed my visit there and meeting the owner, Robin Huttash who does a wide variety of work including glass-work and painting. She likes to create work that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I found myself admiring many of the works she has on display there (both hers and those from many other artists). I also bought some Christmas gifts from her, which i’ll not mention so as to not give them away to the eventual recipients!

The “artsy” side of my brain has long been dormant having been beaten down by my earnest pursuit of a tech career in computer software engineering, though as an engineer, I’ve always had an appreciation for “functional beauty”. At this point in my life and career, I think it’s starting to reawaken! I’m finding myself again becoming reacquainted with my former artistic interests such as photography (and now digital / image editing) and in other things visual. In my childhood I also liked perspective drawing, floor-plans, and marble collecting. I like to think of myself as a “balanced” person leaning toward the tech. side. I’ve always considered my software design and development to involve both art and science, though I tend to approach things from a practical / scientific point of view.


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