Taking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge Taking the Plunge!

I took the plunge & ordered a shiny new Pentax k-x “Kix” DSLR camera via Wal-Mart Online just in time to arrive b4 Christmas.  It arrived Wednesday!!! Hey, you order-processing guys at Wal-Mart really ROCK! I ordered this thing around midnight on Sunday, chose standard free (ground?) shipping site-2-store with a promise of arrival between Wednesday and Friday (I expected Friday maybe, lol) but it’s ALREADY HERE! Now, pbm. is I had already decided NOT to open it until Christmas, since the kids can’t open theirs until then¡ I can’t waaaaaaaaait, this is painful! I’ll take the Christmas pics. with my little ol’ Cannon Powershot – these photos are simple, needing nothing but Auto mode, lol.

I did a bunch of research, particularly on the Nicon D90, D3000, & Canon ES-Rebels (also shown in this pic), but found the Pentax offers more & better features & seems overall the best bang for buck, & besides, I love my Pentax ME-Super (film)!

I did take pictures of the lunar eclipse using my film Pentax, but they sucked so bad I tossed them.  Main pbm. was the film was really old.  Even though I tried a wide variety of manual exposure levels, the were all pretty much over-exposed.  Also, no zoom lens.  The old digikam did somewhat better, but I still did not get really sharp images, though the exposures were mostly good.

For some reason I love this commercial for the Hundai Senata.  I normally HATE commercials, but this video just works for me! Anyway, after googling for the commercial, I wanted to know who sings the song.  It’s a small duet called “Pomplamoose“, so I looked up their website and found that they have done several good numbers.  They also do all their own stunts and play all their instruments! Anyway, you really should check them out!
Just a pretty “West Texas” ranch scene a few miles away from where I live that I felt like sharing:

Lady Liberty Exposed:
(Source: http://miumachi.tumblr.com/WARNING – this is
now an Adult Content site, occasional XXX/Pron¡
Sad image of what our country (& Sofia’s tumblr) have become!

More Bits & Bytes:


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