The Last Inch is Always the Hardest

Man In The Fog Got through my dental visit (1st dental work I’ve had to have done in 8 yrs), but at least it wasn’t due to any new cavities; & no pain (= successful dental visit!) This time, I took my camera over to St. Andrew (Church I grew up in) & did a photo-shoot of the old place (mostly inside b/c the weather here has been grey, cold, & just plain ugly for over a week now). They (Denton) still had some snow on the ground, but we had none here. Then hung out at “Jupiter House Coffee” on the Square (See photo) briefly to check work emails, etc. before toddling back home to work. Other than that, just working & hanging out trying to stay warm. Getting a little cabin fever though. Fortunately Winter is fairly short here!

Went to my daughter’s soccer tournament Saturday & shot a zillion action shots of her team playing. I wanted to try out the film camera (w/the (new) zoom lens & the shims I made, but it has 200iso film & the thick cloud cover would not allow for enough light for action shots, so I stuck w/digital & higher virtual iso!

Except for a single sunrise and a single sunset (different days), I’ve not seen the sun at all since I got back here last Sunday (really since Saturday, 1/8 in Houston when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky & I spent the entire day in company meetings. Normally this would get me slightly bummed, but I really had a bunch of indoor stuff to catch up on this weekend that I wouldn’t do if the weather was better. I also took the opportunity to do a couple of “foggy” photos. Also broke out my mom’s computer to begin setting up for her. Connected it to our network & installed Firefox, & downloaded Mepis (Sun. Nite), that’s a/b all I have time for for now.

Wish I had some other good links to post (stuff other than just details a/b my boring life) but, I haven’t found anything else interesting lately – guess this is just a slow time of the year.

Jupiter House Coffee / Denton

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