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Awesome Save! Lake Weatherford
Eve. on Lake Weatherford Black Head Vulture
Not much exciting going on to blog about these days, mostly just boring details a/b my so-called life, but several good tech. links though.  I’ve mostly been telling my stories via pictures lately.  For anyone interested, here’s the latest run-down:

o Watched and shot a zillion pictures of my daughter’s last two home soccer games. She will be graduating this year.  Got several good pics posted to FB and one to Flickr.

o Successfully upgraded the firmware on my new camera and have been taking lots and lots of pictures of various and diverse things.

o Successfully installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my mom’s new laptop.  I tried my distro (SimplyMepis) 1st, but it does not have latest video drivers required for her system and, it bricked her Windows-7 bootloader (to boot), which I was able to restore after making a “recovery” disk using my work computer.

o “Boxed my boxwoods” – My boxwood bushes have grown so tall and big that I can no longer see out the window in my office room, so this weekend I cut them down to a/b 1/3 their size.  This is the 1st time I’ve done this, but I’ve been meaning to do this for several years, but always forgot until they bloomed in (very early) spring (then it’s too late).

o Got the last of the Christmas lights down, finally – yay!

o Shot this background image (unmodified except for cropping) using my computer’s mouse with a glowing blue scroll-stick, a 2″ tall toy soldier and a handkerchief. Story: I left my computer on overnite to download a CD worth of data (Ubuntu 10.10 for my mom’s new laptop).  My mouse glows blue, I laid my handkerchief over it in order to sleep better, but woke up early staring at this eerie “glowing blue cloud” & decided to make this using a 2 inch tall toy soldier my daughter found awhile back. I’ve been feeling like this soldier – standing guard over everything important to him while possibly about to be sucked into the great vortex of the unknown. If so, resist or go boldly for adventure w/my head up?

o Now I’m coming down w/a cold – Oh Joy, Lucky me¡¡¡  Got me some Zicam® and Tylanol® though!

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