Snow Daze

It’s officially cold as a bucket of penguin poop around here & will remain so for the entire week, it’s supposed to stay below freezing. 3″ of snow/ice on the ground! Canada once again left their big barn door wide open!  Last nite as the temp. plunged, the winds howled, and the thunder (yes – thunder) clapped, the power was off most of the night.  It came on and went off three times before finally coming on for good just after 8 this morning just in time to have to get up and start work dashing my feeble hopes of joining my family for a “snow-day/cold-recovery bag-in”, lol.  I was a little concerned about it staying off too long though, since our heat is also electric and we can’t go anywhere since the roads are glazed in a sheet of ice (I don’t get “snow-days”, since my office == my home!)  Hey, a shout-out to all you linemen at Oncor: YOU ROCK! – for being able & willing to get out in this horrid weather in the wee hours, come out to the boondocks & get our power back on as quickly as you did, even if it took 3 tries – 3 cheers & a star for all of you!!!
Pic. taken last year. (Better snow, less cold and windy)
I’m blaming it on all those Packers’ and Steelers’ fans that brought their cold, miserable weather w/’em to Texas!  Welcome & have a great time feelin’ right at home, but when the Superbowl is over, puleeeze go home & take your weather with you!  I don’t mind cold weather, but it’s a bit annoying when I have a cold already and have just felt like death warmed over for almost an entire week.  I was contemplating going to the Dr. yesterday (while we still had passable roads), but checked my temp. & it was only 99.1. I never was one for running high fevers, but still feel just as miserable just the same.  This also told me it was viral & therefore there’d be nothing they could do for me but have me stick my tongue out at ’em, tell me how horribly red my throat looks & charge me a hundred bucks.  I’ll just keep takin’ Tylanol® & an alphabet of vitamins!

I’m wanting to go take some snow pics, but don’t want to take a long walk in the howling cold wind since i’m still recovering from a bad head and chest cold (I’ve already taken a zillion snow pics of our place over the years, so don’t really feel like taking any more here).

<Click image. for larger image.


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