I sooooooo wish I could get this thing working (again) right now!!!  It is soooo cold here, we’re “snowed-in” (school’s canceled) and I’m going stir-crazy! Not just from being snowed-in this week but that, just after being in for the last week from a bad cold!  I feel much better now though & want to get out, and like go to a warm beach or something somewhere.  Even if this thing was working, due to our currently overworked power grid (rolling blackouts have been happening the last couple of days) I’m afraid the strongest gravitic lens I could create with it would only take me as far as, say Galveston or so, which is also near freezing right now too – uugh¡¡  I did take a long hike down to the Wal-mart a mile or so away during my lunch break today & got us some “Subway” sandwiches and a few snack items everyone was desperately wanting.  The roads are still very icy though!
Very Quick Beach Trip!

I did find some interesting links to look at though:


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