Packers Win Superbowl & other misc. stuff

February Snow in Texas
The sun finally came out Saturday as we finally thawed out with the temperature reaching a balmy 50-something degrees.  I got out and took some great snow pics! Today, we ended up watching the Superbowl more closely than we usually do b/c I actually like both the the Packers and the Steelers. My wife was rooting against the Steelers.  I also slightly favored the Pack b/c I did not want to see the Steelers win yet another superbowl by winning it in Cowboys’ Stadium (bad memories from the ’70’s I guess).  Anyway, congratulations Packers on a great game and a great win!

Meanwhile I found and received some great stuff to share here this week. S’s bi-district soccer playoff game has been re-scheduled for Tuesday (due to the ice and snow).

Scary Climbing Video!  You’ve got to see this video of a worker climbing up an antenna tower bare-handed all the way to the top to work on it.  He has a camera mounted on his head.  This is absolutely amazing!  You could not pay me enough money to even try this!  I’d get up about 30 feet and just freeze clinging to the pole with my eyes closed.  Thanks Terry for sharing!

Here’s some “Good News” (“Federal Judge holds the ‘Administration of the Obamanation’ in Contempt over Drilling Ban.”)

Today’s Tech Tip:  Marking Bad Ram segments in Linux/Grub.

I stumbled upon not one but TWO good Pink Floyd song/videos this week!  The 1st one (“Time”) so describes the way I often feel these days. The 2nd one (“Shine On”) I just love the images, especially the tree.  I’ve always liked Pink Floyd and most of their songs.


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