Valentines’ Day & “LOL” – Lots of (Tech) Love!

Valentines Day Go for the Moon!

The Birds

Valentine’s Day was good this year. Did the usual cards & flowers routine, but this year I did something different too – I grilled a steak dinner with all the fixin’s for all of us, which went over very well. The fav. part for all of us is the next day (Half-price Chocolate Day!!!) We each go out & buy the other one one of those giant heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for half price and have chocolate for days/weeks! – ❤ c(-:
I’ve been taking more wildlife photos lately including this one of a vulture flying right through the moon! I was just sitting there with my camera watching the vultures (that’s about the only wildlife I’ve seen much of around here lately – it is Winter, you know) and wishing / thinking how neat it’d be if one flew through the moon, then, moments later I saw one headed right for it, so I aimed my camera, which I’d already set and focused, at the moon and waited for him! This other picture I took while stopping to eat in Waco, just after sunset when all these grackles were swarming and roosting.
Snow Daze in Houston (Humor) – This video is a hoot!


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