Spring is Springing!

Jamaican Coral Reef II Jamaican Coral Reef
I’ve been busy lately! Seems like we’ve been going in all directions. S. just got back from a week-long school-sponsored mission trip to Jamaica. The last day they sort of made into a “vacation” and they stayed at a nice hotel and were allowed to carry their cameras around. She took a bunch of pictures then. They were not able to take pictures during the week while working though. She had bought this cool underwater camera (an Olympus Stylus Touch 6020) just for this trip knowing they had some great opportunities to shoot tropical fish and coral!
Latest HACK! I finally found some swiveling hooks that would work on my camera and strap! Been trying to find something that would work for this pretty much since I got the camera. As originally designed, the strap quickly gets twisted up whenever I sling it over my shoulder. I had tried Michael’s, Home Depot, Walmart and a few other places to no avail. The ones that work I found at Hobby Lobby! I ended up using a combination of 2 hooks. One is a hook small enough to go through the slot on the camera and the other has the swivel and is big enough for the strap. What I can’t understand is why wasn’t the strap designed to swivel in the first place?!

My brackets are totally fscked – like the 1st 5 games or so the other team won. When we got to the “Sweet 16”, most of my picks were there though!

My Brackets
The weather has been typical Texas around here changing seasons suddenly every few days. First of all we’re in a drought with the driest March practically on record. For the last week through yesterday, I was wearing shorts and running the a/c as the temp. reached the upper 80s with beautiful sunshine. I got out yesterday and took some spring pictures now that the trees have all bloomed. Today, Winter is back on – it’s in the 40s, gray and very cold and we have a fire in the fireplace, lol! Now, allergy season also starts for me as well. I’m still having to run the sprinkler though, b/c of the drought. Roadside park
Spring! Redbuds
Mural in Downtown Lufkin
(Above) I saw this beautiful car sitting by the side of the highway for sale in front of a palm-readers’ / tarot card shop and decided to check it out. The sticker said the owner wanted 17K for it (Ouch!), so I decided that is car was “not in the cards for me” & just to pose myself next to it, lol!

The mural is in Downtown Lufkin, Texas. It’s a tribute to my great grandparents’ general store. It is one of three similar such murals in the downtown area. I was visiting / house-sitting for my mom this last week and decided to shoot some photos of some places in town I remember from childhood when visiting my grandparents; along with this bumblebee, which kept buzzing just outside my window all day while I was trying to work (see below).

My great grandparents' land

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