“OneStep” TwoStep – Retro Photography, lol!

My mom dusted off and (re)gave me THIS the other day – she had it in a drawer w/several other antique cameras and wanted me to retrieve anything that was mine to help clear out the drawer. I had wandered a couple of times whatever had become of it. She had originally given me this in high school and, i have to say, i had more fun with it! To my young eyes, it was the neatest thing since sliced bread b/c you could just point and shoot it, then actually SEE the picture you just took immediately (ok, a/b a minute later), but hey, you could hold it in your hand immediately (Wow, such High Tech)! And no paying someone to develop it and waiting several days!! I took tons of pictures w/it, most of which looked good at the time, lol! Sad to say, I don’t know what happened to most of them – my mom pbly. has ’em in ANOTHER drawer somewhere & will eventually stumble upon them later, lol! This was MY camera until my folks bought me the Pentax (SLR) in college and i had abandoned it for that when I then started to actually LEARN a/b photography! 😉 I googled around to see if there was still film for these things and surprise, surprise, Polaroid STILL makes a “modern” version of these things, but someone else makes the film and it is expensive (a/b $20 for 10 pics), which is really a/b the same (after inflation) as the $10-11 we paid back in the day. Can’t get flashbars for it though and you can’t take indoor pics w/it w/o flash. I actually had a flashgun for it at one time, but it wasn’t in the drawer though. Anyway, fond memories since it was my FIRST camera but not sure what to do w/it now!
Courthouse Square, Denton, TX
I had meant to include a fisheye picture from the Square in my last post but forgot / didn’t fit it in, so I’m including it here.

In other news, someone somehow got holt of one of our credit card numbers and the automated “fraud” dept. began spamming me w/calls, which I figured was pbly a phishing attempt, but after the 3rd call in as many hrs, I called the bank and sure enough someone (else) had used our number. I figured S must have lost hers but everyone produced theirs upon my demand so I’ve no idea how the number got out – our internet and computers are pretty locked down via Linux, etc. Anyway, we’re now doing the “cut up the cards & waiting for new ones via certified snail mail shuffle”, yay, lol¡¡¡11¡ I keep pretty good accounting records too, so i’ll know exactly what charges are bogus and they’ll take ’em off! 😉


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