Wonderful Weekend with Friends & Family

Wow, what a long & awesome weekend! First, my friend T, who I haven’t seen in 30 years is in town & I got to visit with her and her folks at their house. Unfortunately, I became ill and ended up crashing there for the night. They were so kind to me while I was down and gently nursed me back to health. We had a lot to catch up on and I’m hoping to get together again this week (in better health) before she has to return to CA! You know you have a true friend from a wonderful family when you can get together after such a long time and still be able to be as close as if it was just yesterday!

My mom’s wedding and the photoshoot went very well, though I hardly got to sit down or visit the whole time as I was first running around trying to fix her computer, install a new router and get her new husband’s computer all set up and working. Then, of course I was running around taking all the pictures during the big event, then we had to drive home later the same day. I can’t/won’t post the wedding pics public b/c I don’t do that & don’t have their permission anyway, but I did post this interesting, but accidental crop of one of the guests outside the church. It was a reflection from the glass doors in the corner of one of the pictures and I really like the effects making for an interesting shadow image. The other picture is the result of my checking the drawer at my mom’s house again that we found the Polaroid (OneStep) in (see a prev. post). It is some other ancient cameras used in capturing my childhood, lol. I had wandered about that Polaroid (320) that had the billows and spit out all those gooey, sticky, peeley pics. of so many Christmas mornings, birthday parties, etc. from long ago! Now I know – it’s a “320”. There was also an old “flashbar” for my “OneStep” w/2 unused bulbs remaining on it.

The other good news of the trip was I was able to stop by the “Tara Winery“, near Athens, Texas & get a nice gift for a friend of mine who’s into wine. It’s a really cool place where they actually grow and bottle wine right here in Texas! I got to try some and it was very good, though I rarely drink wine myself. They also have a huge spread and a very nice old house that you can rent for parties, receptions, and even a room for the night! If you ever venture down US 175 near Athens down in central East Texas, you should really check this place out! On 175, just look for the blue sign and go a/b 2 miles North of the highway. (Pictures below):

Tara Winery & Vineyard Tara Winery & Vineyard

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