Two good racing songs, imho

There are 2 songs that, more than any other, I ALWAYS associate with running track races since the very first time I heard them. The 1st is “YMCA” (video) by the Village People (Unfortunately, I can not embed). This song I’ve always associated with running the Mile ever since I ran the Mile in High school track (about the time the song came out). I actually got the people in charge of the music to play it during the mile while I was racing during one of the last track meets I ran in a few years ago!

The other is this techno-remix of “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce. This one fits absolutely perfectly with the 4×400 meter relay, one of my favorite races. It’s total length is a bit long & lacks a dramatic finish, but the tempo is perfect and breaks up nicely into the four legs (at 0:00, 1:01, 2:29, and 3:28) even though the 2nd leg is a bit long (1:28). My fav. part goes with the 3rd leg (the fastest at 59 seconds starting at 2:29) which would be a really great time for me to shoot for (if I ever get off my lazy butt & start training again – my best time is 63 set just a few years ago”). It fits perfectly with my seizing the baton & throwing my body’s engine wide open for the next minute attempting to make up time lost by the 2nd runner & culminating with a slight wind-down in speed in the home stretch & handing off to the anchor! I always preferred running the 3rd leg anyway, b/c you stay in lane 1, can start w/a rolling start (I have very slow-twitch muscles), and don’t have to worry a/b remembering to break inside, or the pressure on the final finisher. Running the 4×400 is one of the more exhilarating things I’ve done! Oh & yes, I’m in this photo (from several yrs ago). It is the start of the Mile race at an all-comers’ meet.

Oh, and check out this video commemorating
20 Years of the Linux Operating System:

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